• We’re moving to Hammersmith


    After eight and half years in Westminster, it’s time to bid our old offices farewell.

    We’re moving into the iconic Aircraft Factory in Hammersmith, a highly modernised building, that’s steeped in history.

    The factory, which originally built furniture, played a key role in both World Wars, when it was used to build aircraft to support the RAF.

  • Dodge the online fraudsters and maximise your profits

    New figures suggest online advertising fraud is on the up. In the US alone, online advertising fraud costs the industry an estimated $8.2bn a year (IAB, December 2015). The biggest impact is being felt on cost-per-thousand (CPM) programmatic display and video ad buys, where advertisers are often being over-charged for bots and non-human traffic.

    Fraud image

  • Magnetise at Amazon’s AWS London Summit 2015


    Another year has passed, and we’re back again to visit the AWS Summit. We were impressed with Amazon’s summit last year, so we were keen to return to ensure we keep up to speed with the latest industry developments.

    This year we took a different approach and after a brief walk around the exhibition space, we queued early to get into the main conference.

  • Deloitte names Magnetise Group as a Technology Fast 500 EMEA winner

    Tech_Fast500_EMEA_CMYK 2014 Winner
    We’ve won a few awards over the years and it’s always reassuring when an independent organisation recognises your achievements.

    It’s been over 7 years since Magnetise first launched and we’re thrilled to be officially named as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA). For the second year in a row, Deloitte has named us in their official Technology Fast 500 EMEA winners list.

  • Clever Lead Walls


    This overlay was implemented on Bespoke Offers website (www.bespokeoffers.co.uk). The ad policy setting for the overlay is to appear after a few seconds the page is loaded. When the overlay appears, the visitor can either submit a lead or click ‘Already a member? Sign in’ to close the overlay and return to the site. Once a lead or registration has been submitted the overlay will not reappear for that campaign.

    Capturing data is easy enough, but doing it properly and gathering the ‘whole picture’ can be a complex and costly task. The data collection market is reaching saturation, yet far too many data capturing opportunities are under-utilised and not delivering clients what they truly need. This is especially the case as users are increasingly savvy to online marketing tools and many avoid sharing key data online. This can prove frustrating to publishers and advertisers alike, who are left with only some or little of the user information they want.

If you’d like to get a free demonstration to find out how Lead Intelligence can make your lead generation intelligent then please let us know.