Publishers, Paywalls & Profit

With debate continuing about publications including the FT, The Times and the International Herald Tribune introducing content paywalls, the publishing industry is rightly considering the future of both traditional and evolutionary business models. For background, take a look at the solid overview by the BBC and Suzanne Bearne’s sensible take on the issue for New Media Age.

Retargeting in Lead Generation

Retargeting is a term used to describe showing users ads that relate to their recent activity.

For example, when a customer comes to a website, a pixel places an advertising network’s cookie on their browser. How much information this cookie contains is subject to privacy agreements. It could contain items from their shopping basket.

Lead Collection within Google Wave

Google Wave is in preview phase at the moment described as “What Might Email Look Like If It Were Invented Today?”. With waves/conversations containing from as little as one to thousands of people, pasting comments in one wave can mean that it gets exposed to a lot of people quickly.

£1m investment secured by Magnetise Group

Magnetise Group, a new online lead generation specialist, has raised £1 million in its first round of funding.

A number of private investors have backed the start-up, which is being launched to significantly enhance the value and quality of leads generated within the online marketplace.

Magnetise Group is using the investment to build a portfolio of bespoke products that are designed to help advertisers refine the information gathered from web users and therefore identify the best possible prospects.