Customer Generation Campaigns

Magnetise has been evolving its capabilities of late. Now, not only can we deliver the best leads and prospects in the market, we can also deliver customers too!

Attention and interest ebbs and flows rapidly in today’s market, so the ability to convert from prospect to customer in a single workflow is highly attractive to our clients. But how do we do it, what does this look like, and what are the results achievable?

Lead Intelligence attends the Amazon AWS London Summit

Amazon AWS logo

Amazon AWS

At the end of last month we had the opportunity to go an event organised by Amazon focused on its AWS web services offering, something which is a pivotal aspect of our technology platform. Amazon put on a very well organised event with a seamless flow through from pre-registration support to post event networking.

Keeping it real (time)

Every step we ask a person to take reduces the number of results we get. This tenet holds as true today as it did back in 2001 when Jeffrey Zeldman popularised the 3 Click Rule in his book Taking Your Talent to the Web. With the increasing information overload we all face attention spans are contracting still further, which is why we’ve been working to shorten the conversion funnel considerably with our lead generation technologies and services.

Heartbleed: A timely reminder of the dangers of digital data

With the news over the last month that there has been a long-running security flaw in OpenSSL encryption technology which may have affected 2/3 of the world’s web servers, we wanted to reassure all our clients and let you know that this issue does not impact on the security of your Magnetise products and services, nor the data we collect for you through our lead generation technologies and products.

Events This Week with The DMA and DDMA

There are two events on the horizon this week that look likely to fuel the work of digital marketers like us with all manner of useful information and insights. Magnetise is sending members of its team down to both events, so if you would like to meet up on the day to have a chat about this fast-moving industry and all its opportunities, please do let us know.