Pet Peeves and Great British Geeks

In amongst all of the evolutionary and market-making news of the last few weeks, it’s good to know that the traditional light-hearted approach of the press in the summer months continues to this day.

Future Pricing Metrics

With the news this month that Google has patented ‘pay per gaze’ technology, whereby advertisers could be charged based on views of their adverts gleaned from wearable devices such as the much-vaunted Google Glasses,

Twitter Debuts Lead Generation Card

Twitter Cards are useful ways of expanding, previewing or consuming content outside of the classic 140 character limitation. Those who market via Twitter have also apparently been demanding lead generation capabilities to drive sales on the social media platform, and Twitter has both listened and delivered. With the recent announcement about the new Lead Generation Card being launched, they’ve taken a step forwards towards conversion too.

Marketing Transformation Signalled in Accenture’s CMO Insights Report

Accenture’s latest CMO Insights Report (pdf link) is an interesting read for anyone focused on the evolution of marketing strategies and practices. 37% of the 400+ respondents were B2C companies, 37% B2B2C and 26% B2B meaning we can take a certain level of confidence in what the results are telling us about the B2C space we are so passionate about.

Analysing the IAB OPM Report for A4U

The IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) has been busy further qualifying and quantifying the efforts of the digital marketing industry, recently releasing an in depth study into the performance marketing sector in the UK.

Comprising both affiliate marketing and lead generation, this sub sector of the marketing world accounted for an incredible £814 million of marketing spend in 2012. Perhaps more exciting though is how the research has quantified the bottom line impact of these techniques for the first time. The report tells us that £11 in sales is now being generated for every £1 spent on performance marketing, equating to a total £9 billion sales across the year.

Every Which Way But Loose: How Magnetise technology delivers infinite campaign insight and control


We continually enhance the capabilities of our core technology platform and have recently rolled out some rather immense extra functionality to all users. Now, in amongst all the other features and ways to manage your lead generation activities, we’ve integrated an updated, customisable dashboard that delivers some incredible analytics and optimisation power, direct to your fingertips.